A lot has been going on….

I know I haven’t really sat down and wrote anything in a little while and for that I am so sad. I feel like I have gotten complacent in several different things and I am trying to find ways to shake things up a bit. I also want to find my ambition to post more here because I do like to share my life with those of you who care to read about it. 🙂

We are currently almost at the end of Spring break for my kids. They spent a few days with Grandma and are back home now. I sure did miss them to pieces.

But let me get back to what has happened. This past friday. {good friday} wasn’t so good for our family. Our beloved dog, Chyna, passed away. She had been sick for a little while coughing. Friday morning she hadn’t coughed so we thought she was getting better. But unfortunately she wasn’t, she died later on that evening. My husband who had this dog before we met, was crushed. He is still grieving and it breaks my heart that his “baby girl” is gone. We burried her in our backyard.

We didn’t let the boys see her and we didn’t tell them till we got home from our planned trip to the Aquarium. We didn’t want to ruin the surprise for the boys, so we decided to keep life as normal as possible.

We had a pretty good time at the Aquarium, but the fact that we had to tell them when we got home had be dreading returning home.

Once we got home, we sat them down. We told them and both boys cried. I felt so bad for them. We showed them her grave and told them they could go talk to her whenever they needed or wanted to.

Sunday was easter and my family came over. After we ate lunch, my mom and stepdad left with the boys. Hubby and I went out to get supplies to pretty up the gravesite. We got mulch, edging, and a few plants. Then once we got home we set out to working on making the grave look nice. Then hubby tackled the yard. He had to keep busy so he didn’t think too much.

He hasn’t said much but we both have said that once Chyna was gone we wouldn’t be getting another dog for a very long time. I dont’ know that we will ever get another dog. I am not looking forward to the day when Punky our kitty leaves us.

But as I said the boys returned home and seem to be in pretty good spirits. They had a blast with grandma.

Now to finish our spring break with a little fun before they return to school next week.


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